Gain Traction in your business
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Entrepreneurial Operating System

Frustrated with your business?

People Issues? No Growth? Not enough profit? Loss of direction? Lack of control? Nothing seems to work?


You're not alone and it's not too late. Get help implementing EOS, a complete, proven system of simple, practical tools designed to help you crystallize your VISION, gain TRACTION, and build a HEALTHY team.

Jeff Wedren is a Minneapolis - based Certified EOS Implementer who can help you achieve vision, traction, and healthy in your business. 

What is EOS?

The Entrepreneurial Operating System is a comprehensive set of simple tools and concepts that have helped thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes get what they’ve always wanted from their businesses.  We are focused on one thing: Real. Simple. Results. 

Traction Get a Grip On Your Business Gino Wickma

The book that started it all.  Whether you’re a new entrepreneur, or a seasoned business owner who’s felt your grasp on your business slip away from you, Traction teaches you the core EOS principles you’ll need to succeed.

Organizational Checkup

Know your issues? Answer our 20-question questionnaire to find out.

Unlock the EOS Toolbox

Simple tools that empower you to get what you want from your business.

The Traction Library

EOS Books for Everyone in Your Company. Check out the whole library.

The 6 Key Components of EOS

The Entrepreneurial Operating System solves your business’s problems once and for all by uniting the different  components of your business into one cohesive system.  Here are the 6 areas of your business that EOS is built to improve.


Where is your business going?  Does your team understand your Vision, the plan for getting there, and are fully on board?


Do you have the right people?  Are the right people in the right places?  Your team is a critical element in your success.


You can’t solve problems if you don’t know what they are.  Getting control of your issues is key in fixing your business.


EOS Model - Professional EOS Implementer

Objectivity is key.  Removing emotion, opinions, and pride is key in getting accurate and useful metrics on your business.


Get to the root of what makes your business tick.  Identify core processes that are crucial to successful scaling and growth.


Create visibility and accountability in your business and keep everything moving forward.  Execution is the final component. - EOS Testimonial

“With Jeff’s guidance in implementing EOS, he has brought immense clarity and focus to our organization. We have been able to put to paper and practice our goals, focus and values that were previously spinning around in people’s heads or were not exactly right for our business. Suddenly, we started to see momentum like never before."

John Flavin / CEO / Softcrylic